Why European hemp?

Why European hemp?

We searched high and low for the perfect hemp and were overjoyed when we found our Lithuanian partner. While most of the world’s hemp is currently grown in China, we learned that Lithuania is perfectly situated to grow high quality hemp fiber. The climate allows the hemp plants to grow naturally without the use of pesticides or need for additional watering. Hemp is good for the soil: it clears weeds from the fields, increases humus content, and revives degraded land.

Our partner processes hemp for textile production as well as agricultural and industrial sectors, using every part of the plant possible. All electricity used in their factory is certified by Ignitis Green Energy as 100% renewable. 

Aerial view of hemp fiber plants growing in Europe

During the past decade working in the apparel and home goods industries, I found that I was still using my same old department store bath towels. I had tried various direct to consumer options, finding that the plush cotton towels didn’t dry my skin well and stayed wet until the next morning, and the waffle or flat woven alternatives were scratchy and didn’t give me the cozy feeling I was looking for. 

I wanted a towel that would feel luxurious while still drying effectively, have lasting durability, dry fully between uses, and stay smelling and feeling fresh. Blending in hemp with organic cotton gave us this perfect balance. With its natural antibacterial properties and long staple length for durability, it adds just the right properties to familiar cotton to create our favorite towel ever. And as an added bonus, hemp uses less water and chemicals to grow compared to conventional cotton. 

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