Elevate your bathing experience sustainably.

Indulge in eco-conscious luxury with our signature collection of European hemp blend bath towels, where unparalleled softness meets sustainable elegance.

Organic Luxury

Our hemp is grown with no pesticides, chemicals, or additional watering. Our towels are sold undyed in their natural beige color or brightened to white with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Plastic-free

    The only materials in our towels are hemp and cotton - including the sewing thread and woven label. This means at the end of its long life, this towel can be composted and will completely biodegrade back into the earth.

  • European hemp

    Grown with no pesticides, chemicals, or additional watering (just natural rain water). Hemp fiber is extremely soft yet strong, and contains antibacterial properties.

  • Organic Cotton

    Organic cotton makes our towels fluffy and adds softness when blended with hemp. We chose  organic cotton to reduce water consumption when growing and ensure its fiber is free of pesticides, chlorine, and heavy metals.

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